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How to Ditch Procrastination & Elevate Your Life Through Productive Habits!

The hardest part of success is the consistency and discipline necessary in order to achieve it. If you're anything like me, procrastination held you back for many years and even though I have been working on myself, it still tends to make an appearance in my life every now and then. So here are some tips that will help you become the best version of yourself and live a more productive life this season!

Habit #1 - Wake Up Earlier

The earlier you wake up, the more time you have throughout your day to get stuff done. I suggest the 5am-7am time frame. Use the first hour of your day for yourself and to get your mind right. This can look like working out, prayer, reading a book, etc.

A book that may help you with this is called "The 5am Club" by Robin Sharma

Habit #2 - Create a Morning Routine

Lack of consistency is usually one of the biggest reasons someone is not reaching their desired outcomes. A morning routine builds discipline within you which will carry over to other aspects of your life. My most productive time in life was when I stuck to my morning routine. It looked something like this:

  • 6:30am - Wake Up & Read Bible

  • 7:00am - Go to Gym

  • 7:30am - Get Dressed for the day

  • 8:00am - Eat & Get Day Started

By 8:00am I had already focused on my mental, spiritual, and physical health which got me in the right frame of mind to take on the day. My roommate at the time was just waking up and I was already 4 steps ahead.

"You may delay, but time will not" – Benjamin Franklin

Habit #3 - Make a List of Weekly Goals & Only Complete 3-5 Tasks a Day

Part of the reason I procrastinate is because I am overwhelmed with all the tasks that I need to get done. Instead of trying to get everything done in one day, make a list of things you want to accomplish for the week and complete 3-5 tasks a day towards those goals.

Think about it... If you were to complete 3 tasks a day for 6 days a week, (Rest on Sundays) you would be 18 steps closer to your larger goals. It's a marathon not a race.

I usually set my self up for success the night before by creating a task list through the Google Tasks app on my phone, then check off each task as I complete them.

Habit #4 - Surround Yourself With Winners

You are a product of your environment. Who you surround yourself with is feeding your mental and subconsciously shaping your actions. Get around people who are successful in the field that you are looking to work in. The conversations of successful people are different than the typical gossip. Winners discuss concepts to expand their life. Listen and apply all that is learned to your life.

This tip also helps if your reason for procrastinating is due to lack of motivation. It's easy to lose sight of a goal as life goes on. This person will be the constant push and reminder that you can have more. I also recommend a mentor. I have a couple and they help a bunch!

Tip #5 - Listen to Sermons In the Morning

I have to start and end my day with Jesus. There is nothing that makes me feel more secure in my position than knowing that the creator of the Universe is on my side. Sermons give me that reminder first thing and set the tone for my entire day. I believe that I am here for a greater purpose, so every action I take must align with the anointing over my life.

Some pastors that I love are Sarah Jakes, Mike Todd, Steven Furtick, and Stephen Chandler. Check them out!


People procrastinate for a variety of reasons, whether its lack of motivation, being overwhelmed, lack of confidence, etc, but if you replace procrastination with productive habits, you'll be setting yourself to win. For more life advice feel free to follow me on Instagram or book a Clarity Call With Me!

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